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XPL Travel implementation follows a structured onboarding process, tailored by our training team, to specifically meet the needs of your business and your team.


Onboarding consists of:


  • An Implementation Project Plan
  • Online Management Engagement
  • Training Sessions
  • Export, Transform and Load existing data
  • Sandbox environment for separate online testing prior to going live
  • Go Live whilst maintaining legacy systems
  • Transition to the ongoing phase


Our training goal is to understand our client’s requirements and tailor training to equip them with the best tools required to maximise the benefits of the system.


The Methodology we employ is to:


  • Gain an understanding of client requirements
  • Stage training to accommodate the implementation plan
  • Train the trainer
  • Provide access to online user manuals
  • Adapt training to client specific markets
  • Follow-up on training courses and provide refresher courses when required
  • Provide assistance in setting up additional training programmes if required
  • Sandbox environment for separate online training

We provide all training online (Microsoft Teams) with multiple remote attendees.

Technical Support & Maintenance

XPL offers a superb on-going support and maintenance service to all our clients including:

  • Regional support Help Desk for phone, email and online enquiries
  • Remote access to diagnose issues and implement solutions
  • Automatic issue reporting
  • Online user manuals, training material and videos delivering a wealth of system and application knowledge from both XPL and Microsoft
  • Monthly updates and biannual upgrades
  • Sandbox environment for testing updates and upgrades before live implementation

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