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Comprehensive booking and business management

Ensure business continuity with a cloud solution that connects sales, bookings, purchases, operations, finance, and management teams seamlessly to encourage success and deliver results.

The industry

With many companies globally moving to a partial or complete virtual office environment, we identified the need for our software to support this new business model. XPL Travel was developed to deliver a flexible, comprehensive, cloud application on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Our sophisticated and intuitive travel and tourism technology helps our clients work smarter, not harder!

Who is XPL?

Founded in Sydney, Australia in 1987, XPL has been operating, developing, and implementing innovative software technology for over 30 years. At XPL, we are extremely proud of our comprehensive leading-edge technology and services provided to our clients, and the support offered by our team of experienced professionals.

Why use XPL?

Managing and growing a successful business in the tourism industry is difficult. XPL reduces this challenge by offering a comprehensive, cloud, end-to-end, business and bookings management system.


Our software is designed to optimise an organisation’s ability to manage content, rates and availability, policies, sales, bookings, purchasing, and invoicing, whilst delivering a significant cost benefit with the system’s intuitive and highly customisable product loading capability, integrated travel-centric CRM, extensive reporting options, and an accounting financial suite that meets the standards of most countries.


XPL Travel is delivered on Microsoft’s cloud business applications platform, Dynamics 365, providing seamless integration to Microsoft 365, including Word, Excel, Outlook and Teams.


Whether you are a travel and tourism supplier, wholesaler, or retailer, and offer services for domestic, inbound, outbound, groups, corporate, packages, or more, XPL delivers a solution addressing your needs and requirements, regardless of your organisations size or complexity.

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